WISH LIST: thinking about gift-giving

I have become a victim.  A victim of starting the Christmas celebrations the day after Halloween.  I know.  BUT, I overheard someone making a pretty good point in favour of early Holiday celebrations.

For those who look forward to this season and enjoy all the little things that go along with it, why wouldn’t they want to extend that time as far as they could?  I mean, lets face it.  The months of November and December are not the most agreeable.  Its cold, the pretty fall leaves have all fallen and been carted away,  and the blanket of snow has not yet come to cover the muddy ground.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be focused on cozy, holiday decor, testing out Christmas baking, and searching for that perfect gift for everyone on my list.

In fact, I’ve already started.  Here is a little sample of unique gifts that could delight a few people on your list this Holiday.

wishlist 9

1.)   This peppermill and salt grinder are gorgeous.  A useful gift always goes over well, especially one this carefully crafted.  Hand-made right here in Canada by Teal and Gold, they are FSC certified, contain food safe natural finishes, and no VOC’s.  You can buy the set here, and learn more about this cool Canadian team of woodworkers here and here.

2.)   STAR WARS.  Always cool.  Am I right?  These mugs are a great gift for a significant other who might share in the geek love.  You can get them here, and you might even find a few other awesome things.  Lionel Ritchie, Dr. Who, Harry Potter….. cool stuff here, kids.

3.)   Chapters always has great gifts.  A glass, linen lined box like this one could be filled with treats, jewelry, a pretty scarf…. no wrapping paper needed.

4.)   Another charming little box from West Elm that could be used to hold a precious gift.  This feather box, with a wooden base and tin sleeve makes sweet package, or a lovely gift on its own.

5.)   This could be a great gift for any aspiring chef.  It holds recipes books, as well as ipads for quick reference in the kitchen.  You can buy it here.

I’m sure there will be more items added to this list as the days creep closer to December 25th.  I do have two months to prepare, after all….

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    November 6, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    You have impeccable taste Allison!

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      Love Nest Design
      November 6, 2013 at 5:03 pm

      Well, thank you! That is such a nice thing to say. I try to choose things that I love and I think others will too.

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