Well, many students headed back to class this week, from the wee ones all the way up to those pursuing post secondary education and beyond!  This weeks wish list includes a little something for everyone.


wishlist 6

1. honeycomb box  2. tool eraser set  3. rainbow highlighters  4. desk organizer  5. paper weight  6. letter tray

This wooden box is the perfect desktop companion to keep all those odds and ends under wrap and your desk clear of clutter.  The honeycomb pattern on the lid is beautifully detailed and the warmth of the wood would compliment many palettes.

I know my girls would go crazy for these highlighters shaped as a rainbow, and what little guy could resist a set of his own mini tools?  even if they are erasers.

These cork lidded compartments would function on the desktop with or without lids, and work nicely with the letter organized below.

A clean and sleek letter organizer always comes in handy, keep things in line with this desk top unit from Ikea.

A neon paperweight!  Who doesn’t want a desktop jewel like this one!

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