wish list: a touch of teal

I seem to gravitate towards certain colors and styles (everyone has their favorites!) and this week the color star is teal.

wishlist 2 #

1. backgammon set  2. decorative candle  3. asan chair  4. sculptural spheres  5. watercolor pillow

Have you ever played backgammon?  It really is a great game, I used to play quite often, and I’m pretty sure if I had this lovely board I’d be right back at it!

Its the pattern on the candle that grabs my attention, and the clean lines on the chair are simply lovely.  The gold sphere would be a great accent piece on any bookshelf.  Chapters has a few of these watercolor pillows in different colors and I really like the delicacy of the pastel touch of color.

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    Rebecca Nash
    August 22, 2013 at 1:50 am

    I’m absolutely obsessed with teal and purple too….Have been for a long time!

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