and WHOOSH just like that, where did September go?  I feel like it was just yesterday that I congratulated all of us on surviving back to school week….but apparently I barely survived the weeks following that…..

BUT!  I have been busy!  New clients, plenty of inspiring business and design conferences, and, most notably, a pep talk from the lovely Sarah Richardson.  More on THAT in another post.  Of course, dear readers, I wouldn’t leave you hanging!


With the return of the cooler weather I feel my DIY blood starting to rush through my veins again.  I have been mentally redesigning certain areas of the house and pieces of furniture all summer, and now….it is TIME.  Over the next few months there will be plenty of projects in the works!

Fall also tends to bring a pile of new clients and this season is no different!  New clients, new designs, new inspiration!


So stayed tuned for some transformations, inspiration, tips and tricks of the trade, shopping ‘suggestions’, and probably much more!

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