Does anyone remember THIS POST ?  That was over TWO YEARS ago!  We were just about to start a somewhat major renovation on our main floor when we were sidetracked by work, kids in sports, life.

If you’ve been curious, no, the closet area did not magically begin to function for our family and, NO, the children did not learn to pick up their things and file them neatly away making for a beautiful, working entry way.  We just had a (disgusting) uh, not so appealing, front hall.

So we gutted it. Mostly.


The plan was to make the closet larger, remove the door between the hall and kitchen AND remove all the decorative trim in the hall and all the way up the stairs.

Front Hall 2

(These are some real, honest pics, people!  Renovation mess, fur butt and all!)

We did repaint the front hall when we first moved in 4 years ago.  It was an ‘ok’ solution, definitely temporary, but it got rid of the dark beige that was stealing my joy.

It was the finish on the walls that sort of brought things to a halt in this area.  They were textured, but not everywhere, and chipped in areas, but not repairable….and did I say textured?  I am not a big fan of wall texture, and this particular coating had its own endearing traits…..  It actually hurts your skin if you happen to brush a bare arm against it.  We both (ALL) knew we wanted it gone, but the process was daunting.  Either take out the drywall and replace with new or skim coat the whole thing….multiple times.  4 years ago, this just wasn’t going to happen.  So it got painted, the decorative trim stayed, and so did the texture.  UNTIL NOW!!!!

That’s right.  Its all going away.  We have removed the trim work, and have decided to attempt skim coating.  We figure, we can’t possibly do more damage, right?  I guess we’ll find out….

The front hall closet shared space with a small pantry in the adjoining kitchen.  The pantry never really worked for us, and we knew the hall closet would make much better use of this space, so the wall between the two came down.


BOOM. Now we’ve done some damage….of the repairable sort.  Let’s renovate, folks!

I will be documenting the process, of course, like the good old days found HERE and HERE….. I can’t wait to share!



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