the rainy day – easy peasy – kiddies are driving you mad – craft

Today it has been raining.  ALL DAY LONG.  I’m sure many of you Mama’s out there know how difficult it can be to keep the wee ones from driving each other, and you, mad when you can’t spend an afternoon in the sunshine.

This is how we spent a few hours together today, AND we still have all our hair.  Its not cutting edge, never seen before crafting, but to a pair of 5 year olds it was exciting enough to quell the boredom and share some calmness together.

All you need is a few large letter cut-outs, a big tub of buttons, and a hot glue gun.  You could really use anything for this craft, I initially wanted to glue the buttons onto a little box or heart shaped container, but I let the girls pick whatever they wanted and they chose letters.  Of course, I did all the gluing, but the girls had a fine time figuring out where they wanted all the buttons to sit, and how they could configure them so that they “had NO white space” showing.


finished product

Nothing ground breaking, but a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with two adorable 5 year olds.



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