the ETSY scoop: patterns part three

Its the first week back to reality for many of us as the kiddies head back to school and we head back to a more structured schedule.  I’m still sticking to my guns about fall, though.  I’ve decided, it’s just not happening,  not yet!!

Here is the final instalment of the Etsy scoop: patterns.  I am sure I could easily delve more thoroughly into the intricacies, and historical relevance of all these patterns and go on for months about it.  As much as I might enjoy that…….. it could be an never ending task!  So I’m just going to keep it simple, basic and fun! because that is what patterns are.  Lovely things to be enjoyed.

Today we’re looking at geometric patterns, one of my favorite categories!

Define please!
GEOMETRIC:  A motif, pattern, or design depicting abstract, nonrepresentational shapes such as lines, circles, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, and polygons.
The trendy geometric patterns right now are bold, bright, and simple in form.  Most of these geometric patterns tend to stick to using two colors only, or even one color paired with white or another neutral.
1. 2. 5. simply divine by joann  3. 4. nena von


7. 8. 9. simply divine by joann  6. 10. nena von


11. 13. 14. simply divine by joann  12. 15. nena von


20. zzz boutique 16. 17. 18. 19 nena von


As you can see all sizes of all shapes can be used to create these geometric patterns.  There are also sub categories within the geometric category.  For example, many of these patterns are also called ‘lattice’ and I am sure you can plainly see which ones fall under this title, # 8, # 11 # 16 to name a few.

Another more notable pattern is what is called the Greek Key, as shown in its traditional form in # 15, and a variation of it at # 20.


zzz boutique


I have a particular fondness for this lattice pattern, and its Moroccan flair.  This pattern is also referred to as quatrefoil.   In my search for the perfect family room accents I have finally decided upon these pillows as my starting point.  They are on their way to my door!  I am impatiently waiting…..very excited!!

Most of the patterns seen in the pillows and curtains that I have featured in these Etsy posts are designer fabric patterns which have been made into accent items by the Etsy sellers themselves.  Some of these patterns have been designed by Dwell StudiosSchumacherWaverly, and Premier Prints to name a few.

I hope you enjoyed this little overview of trendy and popular patterns in Interior Design.  I am sure it won’t be long until the next trend comes along!



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