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This week I thought I’d talk just a little bit about patterns.

Pattern trends come and go very much like color trends.  Although there are the classic categories such as florals, stripes, and geometrics, it is the style of these motifs that change, updating yesterday’s stripe to todays chevron.  These quintessential patterns morph creating new and exciting interpretations of classic designs.

As I mentioned, the stripe is a true classic pattern that really is timeless and can play second fiddle to almost any center stage pattern.  It is often seen as part of that traditional trio: solid (or small pattern), stripe, floral.

Today’s stripe is bold, clean, and crisp.  Thick stripes of bold color on a white or neutral background create a very modern minimalist feel.


1. Atelier Cotton  2. Cottage Home Couture  3. Jillian Rene Decor


And then we have the Chevron.  Is this updated zig zag our new stripe?  Could it be?  Maybe.  Whatever niche this pattern is filling, we are loving it.  It is simple, clean, bold, and edgy.  It’s not your mama’s stripe.


All pillows and images from Simply Divine by Joann

This chevron or zig-zag pattern is also reminiscent of the traditional herringbone pattern.  The herringbone is not a continuous line like the chevron, but breaks at the point of each V creating a more woven look.

Another very trendy pattern is what has been labeled the Ikat.  Traditionally this term refers to an Indonesian dying technique, where the threads are dyed in a particular way before being woven together.  If you want to know more about the history of Ikat check out this well researched article over at Apartment Therapy.

Today this pattern, for the most part, is being printed (rather than woven) to resemble the particular style that the woven Ikat creates.  In printed form, it almost looks as though the lines of the pattern being used have been pulled or have bled a little.  The original woven forms are limited by the weave technique itself in being able to create sharp, clean lines and curves.


Simply Divine by Joann


It seems that the way in which we use the term Ikat today refers to the use of any pattern altered by using this blurred edge technique.  Damaks, stripes, polka-dots, and even chevron (if you look closely some of the chevrons above are Ikat) Ikats are everywhere!


5 & 9. Simply Divine by Joann  6, 7, 8. ZZZ Boutique


Patterns, patterns patterns.  One could go on for days, I tell ya.  Stay tuned, maybe I’ll add a few more trendy patterns next week!



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