the ETSY scoop: NEON!!!!

I have been thinking about putting together a post about neon for some time now, but have been putting it off as I thought it really wasn’t ‘down my alley’.  I am more of a cool neutral kinda gal.   Calm and soothing spaces are my go-to.  The thing is?  I simply can no longer ignore the number of neon tinted items that end up in my Etsy favorites list!!!

SO, I caved, and here is your neon Etsy scoop!  Once I committed to it,  the list of neon items quickly grew to the point where I actually had to force myself to stop looking! I was easily finding more and more cool treasures to fall in love with.

These items are statement pieces.  Bright.  Fun.  Loud.  Modern.  Fresh.  They’re kinda fantastic, aren’t they?!


1. night bryd 2. juxtaposition sc  3. find your happy design  4. bonjour frenchie
5. earth sea warrior  6. 8. wind and willow home  7. paleolochic
9. ohio picker  10. coco salut  11. shop ampersand  12. sewn natural  13. crochet maggie  14. september design  15. nicole porter design
16. bonjour frenchie  17. find your happy design  18. earth sea warrior  19. jeanie deans
As I said, I may have gotten a little carried away, but these are oh so fun, don’t you think?  I especially love the painted driftwood from bonjour frenchie, the upcycled bowls and baskets from find your happy design, those adorable little acorns from sewn natural (canadian made!!) and the dipped jars and tableware from wind and willow home.
I also ran across these super cool home accessories while on the hunt for neon.  They are not really neon, but have the same feel as some of the other neon products do.
By Fletcher and Fox, these arrows as home decor are fantastic.  Something new and unique.  I am already looking for places in my home that need these special little accents…… Now if I could just get a set in navy, coral and grey…..
And there you have it folks!  What do YOU think of neon now?

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