the ETSY scoop: gold

Hey all you folks out there!  Since it is a short week, I’ve moved the Etsy scoop to Thursday…..because it kinda feels like wednesday…..right?  Right!  This week I took a peek at all that glitters out there in Etsy land and I found lots of things to fall in love with……

1. etco  2. dreaming tree farm  3. oMEandoMY  4. mkwatelier  5. bettula  6. melongings  7. jenniferramos
8.  waterstone succulents  9. they sell sea shells  10. the gold jelly bean  11. waterstone succulents


Okay, I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the ceramic succulents from Waterstone! (#’s 8 and 11).  Just perfect little trinkets, very original, very beautiful.  You bet I’m ordering myself some of these!  Check out the whole shop on Etsy,  Waterstone Succulents.  Gorgeous stuff!

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