This foyer renovation has been on hold for a few years, life just takes over at times, but there was, and is,  another contributing factor that held up making these changes.  This was the consideration of making even BIGGER changes.  I always look at any space as a whole and am constantly assessing how we, as a family, use our home and what sort of changes could be made to make it function even better.  When it comes to the foyer, I have a grand plan that would solve our storage/spatial issues, while at the same time address other serious functional issues on the main floor.  I know! Awesome, right?  Let’s do THAT!

……Except this grand, problem solving plan involves an addition.  Yep.  BIG RENOVATION.  In my mind this addition solves all our functional issues.

  • It would add a back door entry that would have a mudroom (and maybe main floor laundry?!) with plenty of storage for kids school and cold weather gear.
  • It would give us more direct access from the kitchen to the pool (and the BBQ on the way) instead of travelling through the family room to get outside.
  • It would also solve our final function issue, the one that gets under my skin the most:  The addition would allow us to flip the powder room (without moving it anywhere) by moving the door to the other side of the space.  The new powder room door would open into the addition, near the pool, and most importantly not directly off the family room!  Ahhhhhh, problems solved!


Yep, bathroom, just riiiiiight there beside the sofa.  No dice, noooooooo dice…….and this ? ↓ Oh, this window could be a door to a braaaaaaaaand new addition!  And the exterior window you see beyond?  That’s right.  NEW powder room door.  BAAAAM.


As I titled my last post, its all connected folks.  Aesthetically, but most importantly, functionally.  Now.  We have a plan that solves the problems, so lets get to work, right?  Well, maybe not.  This is what has held us up.

I know that we will forge ahead with this plan at some point in the future, but not right now.  As with anything, there are other factors to consider; finances, the time to complete the project, and making allowances in our daily schedules to accommodate such a project.  For us, now is not the time.  10-15 year plan?  Gut that kitchen, build the addition, and replace the deck outside to work with said addition.  It’s happening.  The 5 year plan?  We ask ourselves, what can we live with?  Are there changes we can make that are cost effective (if we are going to replace it in 10 years) and address some or most of these functional issues?  Well.  Challenge accepted.

From this, our current renovation has grown.  It is a facelift.  A cost effective maintenance plan, if you will.  Over time homeowners invest their dollars to maintain their homes, this update is our maintenance plan. We have moved ahead with some cost effective changes that address our issues, and leave us with a summer to enjoy with our girls (hello 1st family vaca!). Oh, and OF COURSE gives us just a little more style, let’s not forget about that!

Check in tomorrow as I get back to our regular progress posts, wait til you see what we did with the closet!  It’s a bit on the wild side…..



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