I’m Allison, an Interior Designer by trade, and a persistant D.I.Y’er by heart.  I have an insatiable drive to improve the things around me; my environment, my perceptions, my mental state, LIFE.   I was somehow lucky enough to marry my most perfect partner, and we have a pair of funny, sparkly twin girls who challenge, and charm us in every way.  We also have a third child, a furry little dude named Brian.


I love baking, but am equally fond of leaving the cooking to my talented hubby….Cupcakes rule; creamy, piping hot cappuccino’s are a sanity saver; and I will eagerly walk the dog in almost any weather.    I have battled, won, and stubbornly shared head space with mental illness (various forms of anxiety and depression) my whole life.  I thrive in simplified, organized environments, and I believe in the pursuit of happiness, despite its elusiveness in today’s busy world.

I am on a self proclaimed mission to seek out, and focus on the happiness in the life around me.   This blog is a collection of these wanderings.   Through design, I work to simplify that which requires less space in our lives, and make room to indulge in the little luxuries that bring even the smallest moments of delight.

***photography on this page by RED ACORN PHOTOGRAPHY