Sweet Bacon Marmalade Crisps

These little appetizers are another easy bite sized treat.  I really can’t even call it a recipe.  We found this Bacon Marmalade, a Presidents Choice product, at our local grocery store and just had to pair it with some old cheddar.  But the marmalade is the star of this mouthful.

bacon marm main

It’s very simple!  All you need is:

A fresh baguette of your choice (we use ciabatta)

A jar of PC’s Bacon Marmalade

Some OLD cheddar.  The older the better, we used a 5 year


bacon marm

Slice your baguette a little thicker than a 1/4″ and butter one side.  Add a strip of cheddar to each slice and arrange on a cookie sheet.

bacon marm 2

bacon marm 3

Pop the cookie sheet into an oven set to BROIL.  Keep a close eye on them, you only want to melt the cheese and toast the bread.  Don’t go grab the laptop and start Pinning, or Facebooking because you will quickly burn them.  I tried that…  Once your crisps are sufficiently ‘crisped’ remove them from the oven and use a teaspoon to place a dollop of  marmalade on each piece.  Then ENJOY!

bacon marm 5


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