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Today I am featuring a company that I am SO impressed with,  it would probably be a sin if I didn’t share it with you!  The jewelry company; Stella and Dot is based in San Francisco and is decking out  women all over North America with their absolutely gorgeous costume jewelry.  But, you can’t just run on down to the mall to get some. Oh no, its even better than that!  The oh so talented Stella and Dot Stylists come right to your home!

No, it is not like the unwelcome door to door vacuum sales person (does that still happen?) Your Stella and Dot Stylist works with you to find an appropriate time and the two of you plan a wee party…..

The in home product party is not a new concept, but the reason why it works so well for this company is because their stylists are so knowledgeable and passionate about the product they are selling.

The Stylist for my party was Erin Bradley, who also happens to be an amazing makeup artist, and talented fashion stylist.  Owner and operator of her own Beauty and Style Company, this multi-faceted style guru does everything; makeup, hair, clothing and accessory styling.  She’ll even sort out your hot mess of a closet into a trendy, functional, flattering wardrobe. I know, RIGHT!?  The perfect woman to accessorize you with these gorgeous, easy to wear jewels.



After you’ve picked out your favourites, which believe me, is not easy to narrow down, your order is completed and can be shipped right to your door.  So convenient, right?  but that’s not even the best part……when your jewelry arrives it comes neatly and carefully packed in the cutest, most thoughtful packaging I have ever seen.  I literally sat taking pictures of all the little boxes for 15 mins before I even opened them to see the gorgeous jewelry inside. Not. Even. Kidding.

The design of the boxes are just precious, there is really no other way to describe them.  Each has a funky, trendy pattern and cute, flattering little notes inside like “hello gorgeous”.  They are perfect!


1. On The Mark Necklace  2. Signature Clover Necklace 3. Cameron Pendant


1. Signature Clover Necklace  2. Lindsay Bangle White  3. Carrie Bangles


These are a few items that I ordered.  I love them all.  The quality of this jewelry is fantastic, but really it shouldn’t be surprising! For a company that pays so much attention to packaging, you can be assured such meticulousness is evident in the product as well!

I have taken my own photos of the jewelry to show that these little pretties are just as lovely as the professional photos on their website make them out to be.  I was especially impressed with the “On The Mark Necklace”.   It is so dainty, exactly what I was hoping for……the only problem is; now I want the gold one too!

You can have a look at everything that Stella and Dot sells by clicking any of the links in this post, including THIS ONE!  Also, be sure to check out Erin Bradley’s Facebook Page and all the awesome advice she dishes out there.  You can even have some of your fashion dilemma’s sorted out by the style guru herself.



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