The root of what I do can be simplified down to this; I create spaces that support positive mental environments.  Whether it be for clients through professional design services, or for my design rebels here by sharing home DIY projects, the goal is the same. A properly designed space should support the way we function within it optimally, shaping the mental environment.

I am formally educated in Interior Design, but the rough school of life has taught me how to manage and overcome my mental health issues.  It is the combination of these elements that motivates me to share and spread the idea that your physical space has a effect on your mind, and can be used as a tool to help manage your mental environment. Besides, who does want a space that stresses you out?

Essentially, I feel as passionate about creating supportive space in the home, as yogis and meditation practitioners do about creating a peaceful or more focused place in the mind.

Yoga and meditation are also tools I use to help maintain a positive mental environment. Some days I don’t notice my shoulders tightened to my ears! The practice of moving the body, being aware of how you are carrying stress or worry, and clearing and focusing the mind are all things yoga and meditation teach. A perfect weapon in my artillery against the anxiety monster. I mean, if artilleries are filled with yoga pants, soft music with rivers running through it, and mala beads.

These pieces are designed with the intention of creating peaceful spaces in the home similar to how mala beads create a peacefulness in the mind through the practice of meditation.

But, while not actively in practice, I tend to need little reminders.  Reminders of my intention to focus on letting go, or simply to relax the body and not allow stress to physically manifest.  So, I have created specific pieces to keep these intentions at the front of my mind, visual reminders I see over and over in my home, like a mantra. Now I’d like to share them with all of you.



I created the Home Mala to help remind me to stay focused on my mental environment.  I have one in my entry way to remind me to leave the stress of the day behind, and one at my bedside to remind me to transition from a busy mind to a more quiet space before sleep.  The beauty of the Home Mala is that you can place it anywhere it’s needed, where you need to see it most.

Place them beside your bed for a positive morning reminder of your intention, or a calming bedtime practice.
Display them in entryways, or transition spaces in the home reminding yourself of the intended tone as you enter that room.
Bless children’s spaces with positive intentions, or place a strand in a shared room as an energizing reminder of your particular intention.

Traditional mala beads are used to keep count of prayer or mantra recital.  The same idea is applied here.  To repeatedly see and be reminded of ones intention or the intention of the space it is placed in.  The Home Mala is created using large scale beads so they have more of a presence in a room. They come with a wall mount so you can hang yours exactly where you need it.  If hanging is not your thing they also coil nicely and can be displayed on any surface.

While mala beads help count your mantra repetition during meditation, these intention beads are a repeated visual reminder of your intentions, for yourself and your space.

I own mala beads and I love them SO much, but I needed something more specifically scaled that suited my space.  These creations just fit. Unlike mala beads the Home Mala doesn’t have a specific number of beads, and are not intended for use in mantra recital. But, like mala beads the stones used are meant to reflect your intentions.

Each piece features gemstones that are known for specific properties. These properties can be used to reinforce and remind you of your intention or sentiment.

I’ve just created a few simple pieces to start, but will be adding to the shop as I create more combinations.  I will also take requests for custom pieces so that you might be able to create a piece that speaks to your intention specifically. To see more images and versions of the Home Mala VISIT THE SHOP .  There you will find detailed images of the pieces available and the descriptions of the properties of the stones I have used.  I started with some gemstones that have calming or grounding properties, and promote restful sleep, maybe a few things we could all use a bit more of!

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    September 19, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    These are gorgeous. Great idea!

  • Reply
    Jennifer Squires
    October 1, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    I love the idea of your space influencing your mental environment! And I can’t agree more. Your beads are gorgeous and use such a soothing colour palette. Beautiful!

    • Reply
      Love Nest Design
      October 5, 2017 at 1:31 pm

      Thanks Jennifer! Our space effects our mental states, even if we aren’t acutely aware of it.

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