Removable Wallpaper: all the pretty without the pain

Wallpaper.  Many still shiver at the mention of it.  Wallpaper has a history of being notoriously difficult to install, and even more onerous to remove.  It has been steamed, peeled, picked, scraped, and painted over (unsuccessfully).  It’s really made a name for itself and, not surprisingly, it  was abandoned and avoided for years.

Recently this previously painful finish has been making a comeback.  In a MAJOR way.  Over the past few years wallpaper application AND removal has made real progress.  Believe it.  We now have REMOVABLE WALLPAPER.

Hygge and West 1

1. Terrence Payne for Hygge and West  2. Oh Joy! for Hygge and West

I will be honest.  I have yet to attempt this product, but I AM sold.  I just need to find a place to put some up!  Correct that.  I just need to convince the hubby its time to continue with the renovations….

Hygge and West 2

3. Lisa Cogndon for Hygge and West  4. Karla Pruitt for Hygge and West

Those triangles!  I love the triangles.  I would LOVE a wall of it in my powder room.  This print, along with most of the others from Hygge and West, come in a few colorways, but the triangles are my fav.   The awesome thing about it?  It seems so much less permanent should I tire of it in a few years! Although, with this one?  I don’t think I would.

Hygge and West 3

5. Lisa Congdon for Hygge and West  6. Terrence Payne for Hygge and West

Urban Outfitters also carries a few removable papers, but not ALL of their papers are, so be sure to read the fine print!

Urban Outfitters 1

7 & 8. Urban Outfitters

Another company Wall Candy Arts sells a removable paper as well.  Most of their papers have a youthful look and many seem irresistible for a nursery or playroom.  The others boast bold patterns and bright colors.

Candy wall 1

9. Quatrefoil Aqua WCA  10. Quatrefoil Blue WCA

Candy Wall 2

11. Bunny Up Pink WCA  12. French Bull Rose

What do you think?  Would you be more easily persuaded to add a SUPER WOW accent wall with a gorgeous printed paper, knowing how easy it will be to change?

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