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our girls.
For the girls 5th birthday a very good friend of mine gave us the most thoughtful gift;  photographs.
With facebook being our most used form of communication these days, photographs are snapped anywhere and everywhere, and of anything and everything.  Along with other programs like Instagram popping up, its seems as though we are speaking to each other through images.  We all know the negative aspects of this phenomenon, but there is a positive side to our flash happy generation.   All these images capture moments in time.  They freeze them, perfectly poised, for us to return to at any time and experience that moment again.
And this was my friends gift to us.  She captured our girls perfect little 5 year old faces and preserved this moment for us, for all time.

My friend, Lea, is the owner and operator of Red Acorn Photography, and she is fantastic.  She does a great job with kids (she has two of her own),  and our session was fun and fast.  Shooting quickly is always a plus when working with little ones, who knows how long they’ll cooperate for!

I’ve only included a few of the images Lea took in this post, but the ones shown here are a great representation of her work.  Natural, beautiful, and totally wall gallery worthy!

Lea even makes silly faces look amazing!

Check out more of Red Acorn’s photography here!  You can contact her through her page, and start preserving some of your own memories.



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