pinwheels and popcorn

It’s been too long, I know, I know!  Such is life during a major renovation AND having a milestone birthday.  Our wee girls are now 5 years old! and we threw a P-A-R-T-Y!  I have to say, it was exhausting trying to get the family room into useable condition and planning and preparing for a large party all at once.  By the time the big day was here hubby and I were beyond tired.  I didn’t end up getting all the pictures I intended to, as the day went by so fast, but I did manage to round up a few to share with you.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to throw the girls a Carnival themed birthday party complete with a popcorn machine, pink lemonade, cotton candy, and more candy than any 5 year old needs to have access to.

It’s not a party without the poms

I made all of the decorations except the two blue Party Poms I had left over from our wedding a year ago found here.  The pink ones I made myself.  The banners and pinwheels were created from a book of scrap booking paper I found at Michaels.  I was inspired by this blog to include the pinwheels found here.  They were time consuming at first, but I was soon able to make as many as I needed and they held up so well I am putting them away to use another time.

Of course we had to have cupcakes!  I found these cute Martha Stewart food picks at Michaels and decided to keep it simple and use them for the cupcakes.  Together with this cardboard stand I picked up for 12 bucks at Homesense it was just perfect!

We had to have a cake as well, much easier to use for blowing out candles.  I sadly do not have a close up shot of the cake before it was decimated by a room full of cake lovin’ kiddies.  It was a very simple 4 layer round one, with the same pink icing and yellow pearl sprinkles. BUT I had to do something special with it!  A few months ago a FB friend of mine who runs her own specialty cake business made a rainbow tiered cake and posted the photos.  I immediately contacted her and she sent me a lovely, detailed message back on how I could attempt to achieve the same results!  Thanks so much!  And so the surprise inside this simple cake was a rainbow.

sugar high 5 year olds….

The girls loved it…except Gracyn thought the ‘surprise’ inside was going to be a toy….sorry girlie, toys don’t bake so well…

The candy station was for the kids to make their own loot bags before they left.  I tried to include some carnival themed candy for them as well as old favorites like jelly beans and licorice.  We are definitely NOT a family big on sugar.  We often have to fend off candy offers from others to make sure our girls don’t get too much of it, and I end up feeling like the ‘hippy mom’ who only feeds her kids flax seed cereal and vegetables.  The truth is most of what the average person consumes is terrible for you, but I won’t get into that here!  We believe in moderation.  The girls are allowed to have some sugary items on weekends, and I was proud to see all of the kids at the party only take a few candies home with them.  I kept the jars very small to ensure smaller portions for each, but there’s no getting around that there was lots of sugary options at the party!  And sometimes thats okay, they are kids after all, right?

The loot bag table was put together with glass containers I found at the local dollarstore and embellished with ribbon from Michaels.  I filled out the table with doilies, vintage print sheets, and tiny party poms.

Of course you can’t have a carnival without popcorn, so we went all out and rented this puppy from A and B rentals.  It came with popping corn and the cute carnival style bags.  Together with the Lemonade Stand made by hubby the room was over flowing!

I wish I had more photos!  AND I wish the party had not gotten rained out, as all of these decorations were meant to go outside.  BUT the girls had a blast and I hope all of our guests did too.  Thank-you all for coming!



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    June 4, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    I’m glad the girls enjoyed the party! Looks like you got lots of ideas from Pinterest! And you’re welcome for the cake advice! 🙂

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