Our Kitchen: as we found it

We have been making our way through our main floor renovation, which focuses on the foyer and into the kitchen area.  This is what we have accomplished so far:

That’s right, we’ve moved right into the kitchen area.  We had some wall repair to complete in the kitchen after removing the pantry and the decorative wall trim.  We also have an entire kitchen facelift up our sleeves as well….

BUT! Before we get into all that we should take a look at what we are working with.  I have a few truly original shots of our kitchen that I took before we even moved in.  Yep, I never delete a photo…

kitchen-original-1 kitchen-original-2 kitchen-original-3 kitchen-original-4

This space is just screaming to be updated!  With all the functional problems combined with the aesthetic, ummm issues, the entire kitchen needs to be removed and replaced.  We aren’t in a position to tackle that renovation at the moment, however the cabinetry, flooring and a few of the appliances, desperately need some attention and basic maintenance just to get us through the next few years.  So we came up with a plan.

This strategy is meant to keep the kitchen in as livable a state as possible until the full renovation can happen.  The main finishes are deteriorating, and something really needs to be done about that!  SO hereeeeeeee we go!



This update will address as many as the main problem areas as possible from functional issues to finishes to fixtures.

  • remove upper peninsula cabinets (they block the visual flow of the space and render the large peninsula counter much less functional)
  • add cabinetry and counter to the left of the range (with the pantry removed we have the option of creating counter top to both sides of the range…just as the building code intended)
  • remove corner cabinet (the angled cupboard did not provide any extra usable counter space in the eating area)
  • replace removed cabinetry with a new pantry (in furniture form) in the eating area.  This will also give us the extra counter space we are looking for.  HELLLLLLO coffee bar
  • refinish the cabinets
  • replace the backsplash
  • replace the flooring
  • replace the sink and faucet (the sink is stained and our lovely faucet either slowly turns itself off or sprays the entire counter and user in an angry jet of water.  My personal favourite…)
  • replace the range and microwave (which have both bit the dust, the microwave went down in a billowy could of smoke)
  • update the lighting (add some recessed fixtures for function in bulkhead)


Having this plan in place helps keep us focused and moving in the right direction.  It’s easy to get carried away when you are in the midst of a renovation and keep adding things to the list.  OOOOOOO! Why don’t we just do this, or that!? The time will come for a kitchen with all the bells and whistles, (that design process will be a long one) but today? …is not that day.  I am still pretty excited for the end result, but right now, this is approximately where we sit:


Walls have been painted, the backsplash was removed, and next up we paint out the cabinets…

lnd-signature-2 lnd-share-final

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