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Hello All!! I know I haven’t been around this week, lots of appointments and other obligations keeping me busy.  I did, however, make some time today to try a little DIY and wanted to share with you.  In my most recent issue of Style at Home there is a one page image of an easy Do-It-Yourself project, no instructions but it seemed fairly straight forward so I decided to give it a shot!  The goal is to take your average, everyday clay pot and transform it into something fantastic!  By taking a bit of your favorite fabrics you can create little planters customized to compliment your home.


All you need is:
Mod Podge (found at Michaels)
A few clay pots (also at Michaels)
A yard or so of your favorite fabric (depending on how large a clay pot you choose, you may need more or less)
A foam brush
1. Cut a square of fabric large enough so when you roll your pot up in it you have some overlap, as shown in numbers 2-4
5.  Place your pot approximately in the middle of your fabric and cover it with mod podge using your foam brush.
6.  Begin rolling and smoothing your fabric across the pot where you have applied the mod podge.  Be very careful not to wrinkle the fabric, and make sure to tuck it securely into any creases (for example around the top).  Make sure your fabric is smoothed down to the pot in all locations.
7.  Continue applying mod podge and smoothing your fabric around until you meet up with the edge you started with.  Apply extra mod podge to the outside of the fabric that is your starting edge.  Cut any excess fabric from your finishing edge so you only have about an inch overlap of fabric.  Smooth your finishing edge over the mod podge you have just applied to the starting edge.
8.  You end up with something that looks a little like a burrito with the ends hanging out
9.  Trim your ends so that you have about half an inch to the bottom of the pot and an inch and a half to the top.
10.  I got smart after making a little bit of a mess inside my first pot, and cut small slits in the overhang of fabric around both the top and bottom of my second and third pot. This helps when you are smoothing down the fold-overs both inside and to the bottom of the pot.
11.  Apply mod podge to the inside of the pot where you are about the fold over and smooth down your fabric.
12.  Take your time folding over the edges, making sure you have no wrinkles or folds and that the fabric is adhered to the pot in all locations.  Repeat this process with the bottom of the pot.
13.  Now you should end up with something that looks like this!!  If you were very careful when bringing your finishing edge up to your starting edge and have no mod podge showing on the outside of the fabric I suppose you could finish at this point.  I, however, was not careful as I intended to coat the entire pot in mod podge as a finish at the end.  I would recommend doing this as I image this is the process that you are meant to follow when you are using mod podge.
14.  Coat all fabric with a smooth thin application of mod podge.  This will make the pot look quite milky, but I assure you it does dry clear.  Be careful not to leave any drips though, they retain their milky appearance even once it has hardened and does not look very nice.  Just note:  if you apply mod podge as a finish coat it will darken your fabric slightly.  My navy fabric looks a little more black now that the mod podge has dried.
15.  Repeat this process for however many pots you like!  I want to try this with newsprint to see what I end up with, or possibly pages from an old book as I imagine the ink would not smear nearly as much!
I’m not sure yet where these little guys will end up, but it was a fun and easy project!  I know that I will not be planting actual plants in them as I am no good at keep the poor things alive.  I may use some good quality fake greens instead.  I am not sure how well they would fair with real soil in them, although I suppose if the soil is below the fabric line they would work just fine.
Do you have any quick and easy spring DIY’s?



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