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Happy Weekend Everyone!

As promised I am posting the digital color boards that I have been working on to help me make some decisions on accenting the dining room.  For this project I find my wish list consisting mostly of West Elm  and  Crate and Barrel items.  Both companies have all of their products beautifully featured on their websites and are therefore easy to glean inspiration from!  Ahhh, shopping from the sofa!

If I eventually decide I can’t live without some of these things I have a few options to make them mine.  I can travel to Toronto and shop, shop, shop!  or I can order online and pay the shipping charges.  But sometimes  I  just pine away for them in my office, and then go out and find an almost as awesome substitute at Homesense…..

I completely stayed away from Urban Outfitters items this time.  Their apartment line of decor goods are oh so adorable, but again, a bit of a trek away.  Maybe I just need to factor a bi-weekly trip to the T DOT into my schedule…..I can just pay with hugs, compliments and friendly advice, right??

In all honestly I really don’t mind the trip, especially to pick up pieces that I just can’t live without.  But sometimes the challenge of keeping the design of our own house within a modest budget, ends up producing spaces with more interesting and unique items.  And with my ever growing need to collect certain objects, I am always waiting for the perfect piece.

SO! I managed to narrow my color schemes down from every color in the rainbow, (thanks for the inspiration spring flowers!!) to yellow, navy, cream, and grey.


1. Links roman blind West Elm  2. Picture frames.  3. Placements (I like the grey)  West Elm  4. Napkins – Duck Feet  West Elm  5. Fabric to re-cover chairs  Kravet  6. Bar Hutch – Oslo  Crate and Barrel  7. Mirror  Quantum  8. Spinner Vase  Crate and Barrel  9. Mae Vase Crate and Barrel  10. Missoula Bowl  Crate and Barrel  11. Olin Rug  Crate and Barrel  12. Ampersand accent piece  Bouclair


Option one (yellow and grey) is centered around the Kravet fabric (#5) that I picked to recover the dining chair seats.  I have had a sample of this fabric laying around for months, because I am IN LOVE with it.  It is quite pricey BUT I only need a yard!! (I keep telling hubby) …….and a half……

As far as window treatments go, I have wanted some Hunter Douglas ‘Silhouette’ or ‘Pirouette’ shades for ALL the windows since we moved in.  *sigh* Oh I can dream!  The more affordable window treatment options are panel curtains, or a less expensive shade, like a roman shade.  In option one I used a roman shade (#1) and in option two and three I used panel curtains (#9 and #5 respectively).  Still not sure which direction to go….the roman shade sure would show off our new trim well though.

1. fabric to cover dining chairs Fabricland  2. picture frame  3. creme napkins and banana leaf napkin ring West Elm  4.  decorative key jars Pottery Barn  5. woven fishnet placemat West Elm  6. navy cabinet Crate and Barrel  7. Eivor Cirkel Rug Ikea  8. blue splatter dinnerware West Elm  9. Wallace grommet curtain panel Crate and Barrel  10. Mirror Quantum  11. Missoula bowl Crate and Barrel


For this navy and creme option I would likely repaint the walls to a very light creme like Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray or Benjamin Moore Fog Mist.  I am not too keen to do any repainting right now, although I do love the look.  SO, I decided to get a bit playful and whip up a combination of the two color schemes!  I removed the creme from the next option, the yellow essentially takes its place…..and yes, I’m still weak in the knees over the blue splatter dinnerware (#8)…..even though I DO NOT NEED IT.

1. Fabric to recover dining chairs (found at Fabricland)  2. Picture frames (see above)  3. Navy cabinet Crate and Barrel  4. Mirror  Quantum  5. Grey cotton panel curtains Rona  6. Ampersand accent piece  Bouclair  7. Missoula Bowl  Crate and Barrel  8. Mae Vase Crate and Barrel  9. Grier placemat Crate and Barrel  10. Brushstrokes napkins West Elm  11. Olin Rug Crate and Barrel
SO all things considered, I think I am leaning towards the third option.  It may be the Olin Rug (#11) and Navy hutch (#3) together that clinches the deal!  The navy cabinet is the same one from option two, except in this version I added a wallpaper to the inside of the cabinet.  The ‘Yellow Dandelion’ paper (shown beside the hutch) was found online.  Its a UK company so I’m not sure if it would be worth it to have it shipped here.  BUT, it is very cute.  To replicate this look I would take a trip down to Hyde Park Paint and Paper and see what wallpapers they have that might be similar.  They have a fantastic collection to order from there.  And although the Navy hutch from Crate and Barrel is lovely, keeping our budget in mind means coming up with a more affordable, nearly as lovely alternative.  I do have a piece of furniture that is similar in size and shape and may just be next in line for a paint job, AND some funky wallpaper inside to boot!
The picture frames, are shown in every option.  I was thinking we might have to make these, as I wanted them slightly rustic and a good match to our dining set.  HOWEVER I found a few options at Michaels today that I brought home to test out. (NOTE:  Michaels is having a big sale on frames and framing this week!)


I did have a hard time narrowing my options down to those shown above, so here are a few more lovely things that may still make the cut:
triangle drinking glasses Quantum
These glasses are gorgeous, I love how they would pick up on the chrome light fixture in the room while they are being used in there.


1.  seersucker placemat west elm  2.  branch vases Quantum  3.  Andalusia Dhurrie Rug West Elm  4.  Acacia napkin rings  Crate and Barrel  5.  Elephant vases  West Elm  6.  Hive Vase West Elm  7.  Lattice Dhurrie Rug West Elm  8.  Olin panel curtain Crate and Barrel  9.  Iznik Dhurrie Rug  West Elm  10.  Grey Jars  Quantum  11.  Artwork  Bouclair Home  12.  Lanterns  Quantum


And there you have it!  I often use boards like these as inspiration.  As much as I would LOVE to take a trip to the bigger city and drop a mint at West Elm and Crate and Barrel, its just not going to happen.  But I have to say, I enjoy the challenge of creating these looks, and sometimes even improving on them, using pieces that are closer to home.  And?  Theres nothing wrong with some thrifting,  and a little DIY!  Also, I find spaces that evolve over time have much more depth.  When a room is filled with carefully selected items, unique to an individual, that is something special.  Patience can pay off big time when you find that perfect piece you’ve been waiting for.

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    April 21, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Hey Allison! Great boards! I found a link on Pinterest for making your own roman shades inexpensively. You might want to check it out and save a few dollars. Plus, this way you can use whatever fabric you want… 😛

    • Reply
      Allison Cooper
      April 22, 2012 at 1:06 am

      OOOO! fantastic, I’ll check your pins for it! Add it to the project list! Pinterest is such a great way to share ideas, I love the camaraderie among the do-it-yourselfers.

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