modern wood and wire ornaments

I’ve been having too much fun playing with wooden beads, wire and pom poms this year, designing new tree ornaments. The teardrop shaped baubles from last week turned out so cute, I just kept right on trying different combinations!

I knew I wanted to create a modern ornament this year with wire and wooden beads, and I am so happy with how these pieces look.  They are fairly easy to make, if you’ve got strong fingers and some patience, and don’t require many supplies.


All you need are some wooden beads (I got mine at Michaels) in a cone shape, and some medium gauge floral wire, in black.  You can use needle nosed pliers, if your fingers need some help, and a pair of clippers if you want to save your scissor blades.


Cut approximately 8 inches of floral wire.  If you are using a different wooden bead you will have to judge how much wire you need to wrap around the bead leaving enough at the top for a hook.  Using a piece of string can help you measure what length to  cut the floral wire.


Using a pencil, pen or other similarly sized cylinder, wrap the first 1.5 inches of the wire to create an eye to thread a hanging hook through.  After wrapping the wire into a small circle, straighten the ends to run parallel to each other.


Thread the wire through your wooden bead, tugging it tightly into place with the loop at the top.  While pulling and wrapping with the wire, try to keep it as straight as possible, it can be difficult to get it perfectly straightened out later.


Begin wrapping the wire from the bottom of the cone up and over the top, pressing it firmly against the wooden bead as you go. Thread the wire through the loop when you pass over the top and continue down the opposite side keeping the wire as tight to the bead as possible until you meet up at the bottom again and it looks like this:


The next step will finish off the ornament perfectly.  You take the remaining wire (trim it a bit shorter if you need to), and tuck it back up into the hole in the center of the bead.  You might find it easier to use the needle nose pliers for this part, just be cautious not to damage the wire by pinching too tightly.


Once you have the wire tucked in you can press the bottom of the bead against a hard surface (like a solid countertop) to flatten the wire so it sits cleanly against the bead.


And you’re finished!  I really love how these turned out, simple and modern, natural wood with a black accent, love that look.


If you’re looking for some last minute simple ornaments, give these a try.  I think they are timeless and could be coordinated with many different Holiday styles.

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