Modern Nordic inspired ornaments

I am waaaay behind on Christmas this year.  We had a bit of a tree fiasco, and it’s put a bit of a delay on the Holiday decorating.  I seem to suddenly be allergic to everything, and after one day of having our beautiful real tree I was in full sick mode.  We moved it to the front porch, were it will still get lit up, and started searching for a fake tree.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed, and also didn’t have much time to dedicate to a proper tree search.  After letting too much time go by we settled on an affordable, unlit tree for this year.  Now I’ve got limited time to decorate!  Although it is fun to enjoy creating new ornaments while the snow is flying, and Christmas is so close!

I had intended to have a simple, ‘natural’ (if you will) tree this year, and its worked out great since its been so busy around here.  The house is in total reno-mode (as usual) and I just wanted something uncomplicated and lovely to enjoy.

Each year I create something new for the tree, part of that Holiday prep for me is getting crafty and coming up with something new.  This year I’ve gone with unfinished wooden ornaments with black, white and grey touches.


I started with some raw wood ornaments I grabbed at Michaels, which are already totally tree worthy, but I wanted to add just a little bit of something… I decided on pom poms in, true to LND form, black.  If you want to re-create these little gems all you need is a few unfinished wooden ornaments, some pom poms (in the color of your choice), and a hot glue gun.


Working just a bit at a time, so your glue stays hot, run a straight line around the center of the ornament, then press the pom poms into the glue for a firm hold.


I picked the smallest poms I could find.  I love how these teeny fluffers look on the raw wood!


Keep working your way around, keeping the line straight, until you meet up with where you started.  For the best results keep the amount of glue you used just enough to hold the pom in place but not so much that it oozes out around the poms.


And voila! A modern Holiday ornament fit for any tree! You could use this same idea on whatever wooden ornaments you can find, or may add some fluffiness to ones you already own.  Now I’ve gotta go look for more things to glue pom poms to…

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