Oh the ‘splurge’.  I talk a lot about affordable, or do it yourself solutions here on the blog, because I believe functional design should be available to those DIY rebels, but there are also elements in any space that you just have to splurge on. Those things that you just can’t get any other way.  It might have a look, function, or uniqueness that is unparalleled,  so you spend a little more on these items.  There are also items that you need to spend more on that I wouldn’t consider a splurge, but more of an investment.  As we near finishing this kitchen facelift of ours, the sink and faucet have been one of our bigger investments.  And it was 100% worth it.

This is our old sink and faucet combo.  If I said we replaced it just for the aesthetic, I would be a big fat liar.  The sink area is one of the most important functioning parts in a kitchen, and this pair?  Just DID NOT WORK.

The sink’s finish was really wearing and easily staining, it was also a bit undersized for our needs. The way the faucet paired up with the sink made everything about this area completely dysfunctional.  The faucet was always in the way of getting dishes in and out and, although it did have a detachable spray function, the length of the spray head was really awkward and difficult to use.  You’d get soaked, and irritated, and washing up took way longer than it needed to.

A lot goes on in the kitchen, and for most of us, what goes on is not that fun, ya know?  IE. washing dishes.  If a task that really needs to get done daily (and is already not fun) becomes more difficult because you don’t have the proper tools, well, forget it.  Motivation = lost, mood = soured.  I knew I could improve on this area, and I was willing to spend to get it.


I have had my eye on the Delta Trinsic single handle faucet for at least a year and a half.  I was at my fixture suppliers gathering options for a project and saw them installing the new Delta fixtures.  I am sure I actually went slack-jawed.  I’m not joking, I may have gasped.  I high tailed it out of the bath section to check it out up close.  It was the first matte black fixture I’d seen in person (at the time).  That, paired with the super sleek no nonsense design, well, I was completely sold.

It was nice and tall, so it would stay out of the way of big pots. It had a pull down with spray, that fits perfectly back into the spout due to the Delta magnet mechanism that virtually eliminates a wiggly connection. AND it came with a touch tech option!  We weren’t even working on the kitchen yet, but I WANTED THAT FAUCET.

Fast forward a year or so and it was actually time to get it!  The sink though, it had to get an upgrade too.


I have wanted to switch from stainless steel to a granite composite for some time.  Although the name ‘stainless steel’ indicates that it will be a stainless product, if you go for a cheap version of a stainless sink it might not have the gauge or chromium vs. nickel make up that fights corrosion and staining over time. Our old sink had a worn surface and was already staining, plus it was just too small, so it needed to go.

We ended up going with a Kindred sink from their Mythos Granite Series.  Not a budget sink, I will admit to that, they retail at around $700+, but with the way we use a kitchen it really had to hold up to A LOT.  I honestly hate spending any kind of money on something that I need to use for a long time, but starts to fail within a year.  It just isn’t worth it.  This product boasts such a looooong list of awesome traits I really couldn’t see any reason not to invest our budget here.

It will stand up to HIGH temperatures, it’s scratch resistant, easy to clean with a very smooth matte finish, the color won’t fade, it’s quiet and it will insulate your hot water as you wash. All that and look at it.  Softly squared corners, a perfect matte black finish, a clean simple design and large double bowls.

It feels huge.  Compared to the original sink it has an inch deeper bowl, but is actually the same width.  The squared off corners at the edges and bottom just allow for much more room within each bowl that it makes a big difference in capacity.

I absolutely love the new sink and faucet.  I talk all the time about the importance of having your home function well for you, but this is a perfect example for our home.

Every time I had to wash the large pots after a big meal I would start to feel the dread creeping in.  I was about to get soaked by a completely useless faucet, and would have to struggle to clean a whole pot in a too small sink with a faucet that prevented me from actually lifting it out once it was clean. Well, no more.  I don’t even think too much about having to wash anything after a big meal anymore, because it’s no longer a task that is more difficult than it should be.  It’s not another tiresome thing on my to-do list, adding to the weight of more important ‘to-do’s’.

SO, if you think talking about sink size and faucet function is kinda boring… you know what’s NOT boring?  No longer having water spill out on to you and the floor every time you try to wash that extra large pasta pot.

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