It’s beginning to look a lot like…a whole lotta prep work

WELL.  We’ve been busy.  It sure doesn’t look like it from a blog perspective, but there has been some major re-jigging going on around here.  Somehow overhauling the front entry has exploded into:

1. Insulating and reorganizing the garage

2. Emptying out the craft room

3. Moving Rowan INTO the craft room

4. Finding a new place for all the crafting crafty stuff

5. Reorganizing the playroom so we have somewhere to put the crafty craft stuff

6. Taking the door off the front entry closet

Obviously step 6 was the most time consuming….onward and upward folks.

So, we now have a warm cozy garage for building in the winter months, a playroom that functions a whole lot better, organization for the crafting, AND new bedroom spaces for the wee ones.  Who are suddenly not so wee and have catapulted from 6 to 16 overnight.  Yes. Mama is weepy.

The only problem now is that my attention has been temporarily diverted by these two independent little women living in my house! New bedrooms = new bedroom design!  It certainly didn’t help when I went into Chapters Indigo and saw the perfect jumping off point for little Ms. Rowan’s new room.

Rowan Inspiration print

This print is gorgeous.  By the Rifle Paper Co. it is now available at Chapters!  The myriad of color allows for so much freedom, especially in a child’s room.  At 6 I think it is safe to design with the future in mind and play with bold color, rather than a themed room that might suit a younger child.  Like I said.  This one is 16 already…

As for Gracyn, she is still stuck in the ‘I LOVE pink’ zone.  I think she might live there forever, she certainly loves pink, babies, ribbon and lace.  An all round girly-girl!  These pink and gold, prints with the powerful, positive messages are right up her alley.

bedroom inspiration

These two are also available at Chapters and are creations by Stephanie Sterjovski.  She also has SOOO many other lovely things in her shop, I honestly can’t say that I’ve decided on just these two…Check it out for yourself HERE.

Although ALL I want to do is start designing girly bedrooms, the sudden smothering of snow we just received has the much needed function in the entrance way winning out.  With more closet space in each of the girls rooms for off-season gear, I think we are ready to proceed….now where is that millwork drawing I’ve been working on….

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