The messiest part of this project is OVER….and it actually ended up not being too bad.  Our decision to skim coat the terrible texture from the walls in the hall and up the stairs has paid off. These pictures do not do the change justice, but I can tell you, its the best change we’ve made in this space so far!!

Stair wall 1

The carpet on the stairs and the railing are going, and the curved details on the stair edge will get addressed once we remove the carpet.  It’s all getting a make under, folks!  I fully adhere to the idea that any space has the capacity to affect people on an emotional level.  I’ll save my thoughts on that for another post, but for us, its all about creating a clean, bright, and airy environment.

This entry is not huge, and all the details that were in this space were just too much.  The trim work, the two toned walls, the wall texture the decorative railing…  Our plan is to scale it all back and add our own, more modern, minimal, touches. The carpet will be replaced with painted black treads….and I’ve got a little something up my sleeve to replace that railing….but I’m getting ahead of myself!  Can we just enjoy those smooooooooth walls? *sigh.

The process was a long one, and my very talented, skilled (and patient) husband stuck to his process and got it DONE.  He used a low dust drywall compound, large trowels and a vacuum sander for this venture…. a project NOT for the inexperienced DIY’er.  I’ve got some design skillz y’all, but trowel me some smooth surface? I can not.  Matt, with all his trade experience, and construction background made it look easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.   And I just get to enjoy the results!  It took about three layers of compound application, with sanding in between, to build up the low areas and create that smooth surface.  We followed up with a good primer to seal everything in.  No more trim, no more texture, just smoooooth walls.



Progress on the front hall closet continues, and has, inevitably, creeped into the adjoining kitchen. When we removed the pantry door and made that space part of the hall closet, it meant drywalling the hole the pantry door left.

Hall reno 4

The same trim work that was in the hall and up the stairs continued into the dining area in the kitchen, so that had to go too, as well as the little corner cabinet in this area that never functioned very well.

kitchen reno 1


All of this meant paint touch up.  Or should I say, it meant repainting the entire kitchen.  Yes!  Buh-bye light brownish beige (yes, I believe that is the exact color of this paint) helllllo barely there grey.  We carried the color used in the front hall, Benjamin Moore’s White Wisp,  right into the kitchen.

The next step is to install the closet system.  We want sliding doors to keep the door swing out of the hall, and allow people to pass while someone stands hanging a coat, or looking for lost mittens….Once we get the closet built in we creep even further into the kitchen, so far in fact, that this has become a bit of a kitchen make-over!  What have we gotten ourselves into…



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