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Well, its time.  Time to gather all your craftin’ talents and put them to the test!  Even those who shy away from DIY projects throughout the year can get the urge to create something personal during the Holiday Season.  Kids get a ton of mileage out of Holiday crafts as well, it seems the girls come home from school with something ‘for the tree’ everyday.  In this house Mama is clearly a little crazy about Holiday decor, and a tree full of random paper cuts outs just won’t do…..but I still really wanted to have unique ornaments on my tree made by our wee ones.

I remember being young and helping my Mom decorate our tree, always intrigued by the ornaments that my brother and I had created with her over the years.  Of course I’d like to duplicate these same cherished memories for my own children, and so the search began for some fun and easy Holiday ornaments.

One of my favorite DIY bloggers Lucy from The Craftberry Bush posted about her perfectly gorgeous Snow Globe Ornaments.  When I saw them I knew I wanted to make a few for our tree and filed it away in my brain’s “To Do” list.  A few days later while at Michaels I found some glass globe ornaments on sale 1/2 price, so I grabbed them.

With Lucy’s  inspiration, I decided to use them for a project for the girls.  They are obsessed with my new snow globe and I thought it would be great if they could make miniature versions of their own PLUS hang them on our tree.





I knew I would have to modify and simplify Lucy’s version as my globes were glass and would not easily cut. I also had to make it a little more child friendly.  I headed to the dollarstore to see what I could find to use for ‘snow’ and planned to let the girls choose what kind of ‘tree’ they wished to place inside.  I spotted some white sand, but it didn’t quite have that snowy sparkle, so I bought white glitter to mix in.  I also grabbed some small white pompoms, just to see what that might look like, instead of sand/glitter.





The only other things I needed were my trusty hot glue gun and some ribbon for hanging the ornament once it was finished.  The girls decided to put ‘christmas trees’ in their globe, so a few clippings from our new tree in the living room worked just fine.  I noted that these ornaments may not keep well, as we used a section of a live tree, but it might be fun to empty and refill the globes each year.

I used a small dab of hot glue on the end of the ‘tree’ and quickly pushed it into the opening at the top of the globe, holding it’s base against the bottom of the glass for a few minutes while the glue dried.  For the shorter trees I used tweezers to push them to the bottom, but for the most part it was a fairly easy process.  I liked the flexibility of the fir tree’s branches.  Each little ‘tree’ fit easily through the opening and then unfolded again inside the globe creating that ‘ship in a bottle’ effect.  After I did this part of the project I let the girls funnel the sand in, making it ‘snow inside’.



it also ‘snowed’ quite a bit outside the globe 🙂



We did try the pompoms in one of our snow globes, but Rowan protested that it didn’t “cover the glue at the bottom” well enough and the option was scrapped.



“no Mama, I don’t think so…”


To finish it off just tie a ribbon around the top and hang them on the tree!




This was a quick, easy and FUN craft to kick off the Holiday crafting season.  You could make these globes as intricate and beautiful as Lucy’s or as fun and simple as ours.  I am eager to see what the girls will come up with next year to place inside their miniature snow globes.

I have one more craft planned with the little ones (salt dough ornaments), and at least one planned for myself (new stockings!)…..but I imagine this may evolve into more.

What Holiday crafting are you up to this year?



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    December 7, 2012 at 2:34 am

    Allison, I love these!!! We did a tree for the first time this year, so I am enthralled with ornaments this year…What a lovely idea!!!

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