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Waaaaay back when I started writing this blog I used to share a ‘Wish List’ once a week of stuff I’d seen, and subsequently lusted after.  I never did stop adding to my wish list, although my criteria for an item making that list has changed.

Over the past year we have been purging a significant amount of our unneeded items to make room for; not more stuff, but more living.  Its actually embarrassing to see how much money, time, and energy was spent on all this excess crap.

Of course, people still need certain things, and although we feel the push of minimalism against consumerism these days, we still want certain things.  Finding beauty in objects and enjoying that is not indulgent, but can, in fact, be nourishing.

The stuff I find myself yearning for these days usually has a specific purpose or is needed for a specific function, but also is uniquely beautiful, inspirational or impressive.  Enter: UASHMAMA.

image via UASHMAMA

A friend of mine sent me a link to this company and I was instantly smitten.  One of my most used methods of organizing is collecting and containing like objects.  Especially on countertops, tabletops and desk tops.  Constant use items often get set down on a surface and it can really get messy, but keep them contained in a vessel of some kind?  Still as accessible, but much more clean and organized.

UASHAMAMA is based in Tuscany and all products are made from their washable paper.  Their manufacturing process strengthens the paper fibers so that the bags can be used for almost any purpose, washed, and reused over and over.  Of course they come in many sizes and colors, I’ve just selected my favs above. Each piece is rigid enough to maintain its structure but has a softness that enables you to roll the tops down if needed.  I think the part I love the best about them? is the fact that when they are not in use they fold down and can be stored in a much smaller space.

Beautiful. Functional. Purposeful. Now, which do you need?

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