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With the Holiday season looming,  the chaos and excitement that is Christmas will soon be upon us, and I just CAN’T resist blogging about Christmas decor, cool gifts, fancy wrapping, and sweet treats!  And why not get the ball rolling with a little positive focus.

1.  I may have started putting up Christmas decorations….two weeks ago….like many of you I get excited about everything that is Christmas……



its snowing in there….



2.  So, as I’m sure you can imagine, as soon as December 1st hit, we were hauling our tree home atop our car!  Still deciding on a ‘theme’ for this year though……and, no, ‘Christmas’ is not it.  The potential options range from color selection, traditional vs non-traditional, modern or rustic……  Although the tree is partially decorated, I haven’t made a firm decision, but its looking like a glittering black, feathery white, candy cane red, kinda year…….



HOOOOO loves the Holidays?  This guy…….

4.  I have decided that this will be the year that I finally get around to making Family stockings.  I am really looking forward to adorning that new mantel with them……and pretty pumped that they will now be a matching set…..




5.  After an embarrassingly long hiatus, I have started back at Yoga again.  It hurts me.  Everywhere.  BUT, it feels great to get stretching and moving, and I’m looking forward to my next class……….just as soon as I can walk again….. Namaste.



hello, pain…..



Yoga.  Keepin’ it positive, one downward dog at a time…..

Have you started decorating for the Holidays yet?  Do you choose different themes every few years?  I can’t be the only one!

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