feelin’ fine Friday

Did you all make it through the ‘back to school’ week?  We faired pretty well here at our house, and that is one thing to be thankful for.

1.  WE MADE IT THROUGH BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK.  For all those yet to be Mama’s out there, believe me, this is an accomplishment to be thankful for!


two very sleepy, yet excited girls!


2.  I am thankful that ‘operation boycott fall’ is going smoothly, and we still got into the pool this week.


3.  I am SUPER proud of how well our girls did in the pool this summer!  They went from being too timid to blow bubbles to full scale splash assaults!

4.  Managed to catch a wicked awesome sunset while driving outside the city…..I only had my phone to  catch a shot, but it was simply gorgeous.



5.  Enjoyed a little peace and quiet at Chapters this week with a little sketch book complete with inspirational quotes and a latte.



Anyone else have any good vibes to share?



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    Allison Cooper
    November 2, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    GO ahead! 🙂 you wont hear any complaints from me! More to come soon!

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