Feelin Fine Friday

OH YES.  Its time for another long weekend, can ya dig it?  Speaking of digging it, this week we ripped out almost the entire front and side gardens!!  This made me feel juuuuuuust fine.  I know.  We are a little late……OR super early, depending on how you look at it.  I know gardening is a spring chore, but I just couldn’t handle the off center shrubs, and sad, scraggly evergreen tree, not to mention the flowers that were choked by weeds I can’t be bothered to pull.

I am all about aesthetics folks, but when it comes to garden maintenance I am lost. I don’t know what all the different plants need and when they need it.  The previous owner had an obvious green thumb but we just can’t keep a diverse garden like that. So, OUT IT CAME!


house 2

I do have a plan for spring, but I suppose we’ll all have to wait until then for the real ‘after’.  You can bet that it will be low maintenance, that is a guarantee.


house 1


I found this fantastic video this week honoring the Wishbone chair.  This chair was designed by Hans Wegner in collaboration with maker, Carl Hansen in 1949.  It is still being produced today and it’s timeless form has stood the test of time. I find myself continuously drawn to chairs of all shapes and sizes and of course all the mid-century modern pieces hold a special reverence.   My friend Joanne is also particularly smitten with this piece, so this ones for you, Jo!


It’s hard to be on the internet without seeing or hearing something about little Ms. Miley.  We have two young girls who thankfully don’t know Hanna Montana and therefore aren’t aware of what has become of her.  I could spout a million things regarding this issue.  But I won’t.  I will only say; this video shows a beautiful, extremely talented young lady.   It’s truly a shame she feels it is not enough.


Okay so the ‘new’ Miley doesn’t make me feel so fine.  BUT!  These posts are about seeing the good in everything you can, and this video is goooooood.

Happy Weekending!!

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