feelin’ fine friday

Hello everyone!  In this whirlwind life we all know how good it would be for each of us to stop and take some time to be thankful for the little things.  I have seen MANY other fellow bloggers simply use Fridays as a time to stop, just for a moment, and think of a few things that happened during the week that made this life just a wee bit happier, a wee bit lovelier, or a wee bit sweeter.

1.  A visit from my long time wonderful friend (who now lives in B.C) gave me some perspective, some comfort, and some strength, just when I needed it.

2.  I got a PACKAGE!  Always a little sparkle of fun….

3.  One of my daughters came up with yet another hilarious perspective on life:  ” The Toothfairy always knows where you live…..just like Santa…..and the mailman. ”

4.  My little brother got the keys to his first home!  We are all very excited for him…..and also I have another house to re-design……

5.  I found some cool, actually useful stuff at the Dollarstore!

Focus on the good stuff!  Happy long weekend!



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