feelin fine friday!

Happy Friday, y’all!!  Oh yea…..short week!  Makes Friday come so much faster!  I hope you all had a good one.  Here are a few things that brightened my week, just a little…..

1.)  We all ventured down to Victoria Park for the annual RIBFEST!  My husband loves him some ribs, and so do the girls!  So proud of their willingness to try new things and lovin’ them!


2.)  After a year long hiatus, I finally went for a run.  It was terrible.  But, I DID IT!  Only 1 km to break myself back in.  It’s not far and I didn’t go very quickly, but I broke a sweat and got the blood pumpin’!  Here’s to getting back on the running wagon!

3.)  I’ve been having some fun playing with my favorite fabric patterns and quotes…..thinking this may turn into some cool projects in the future.

4.)  I made my husband and I a treat this week; chocolate covered strawberries.  MMMMMMMM.  I don’t have a photo of those…….because I ate them.  ALL.

5.)  I’ve joined in with Anderson Cooper and his Instagram Photo A Day challenge.  Its very inspiring, and sometimes hilarious, seeing how all the participants interpret each day’s challenge.  Yesterday’s challenge was #whatiamreading

my photo submission

and the winner yesterday was:

winner, winner, chicken dinner
Pretty awesome, right!?  If you’re on Instagram join in!
Happy weekending peeps!

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