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I only have one thing on my list this week…because it is HUGE.  Okay, okay, maybe not, HUGE, huge, but the happy it gave me feels REALLY BIG.




If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you already know, but this is what happened:  I was quite absent-mindedly grocery shopping this week and happened to see some hen and chick succulents on the plant clearance table.  I took out my phone to snap a picture to show my husband (I’d love to plant some next year, anyone have any experience with that?) when I noticed another leaf in my shot.  I thought: “Hmm, that leaf shape looks familiar…”  I put my phone away for a closer look.  “That looks like a fiddle leaf fig…”   Could it be?  Now, I am NO green thumb, thats no secret!  This also means my plant knowledge is limited and I couldn’t be ABSOLUTELY sure I was looking at what I thought I was looking at.  Google?  I think so…

The plant was labeled “Lyrata” and sure enough the internet seemed to indicate that YES, it was the SAME THING. I grabbed the nicest one and plunked it right in my cart!

Those leaves!  The shape, and color, I just love them.

PM fiddle leaf

Best part?  It was only $9.99.  The hubby was happy about that…he thought I should have bought two!  I think his words were:  “Did you buy two? One to replace this one when you kill it?”

I will NOT kill this plant…

Happy LONG weekend!

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