Feelin’ fine

This week fleeeeew by here at Love Nest Design, as those short summer weeks tend to do!  Here are a few positives from my week:

julies gift

This beautiful gift.  Not because of where its from, what its made out of, or what label it might have attached to it, but because of what is written on the surface:  “birds of a feather” “two peas in a pod”….and inscribed just for me on the inside: “best friend ever”.  Such a thoughtful gift representing 20 years of friendship.  I’m not gonna lie, the perfect little box it came in was pretty sweet too.


The peonies may be finished blooming for the season, but I still have this photo capturing their beauty.  Just perfect, aren’t they?

I read an article this week based on a study that suggested a smile is not necessarily a outward projection of what we feel inside, but that engaging the muscles we use to smile actually results in a chemical reaction that make us feel happiness.  Truth?  No definitive evidence, but I’ll be a guinea pig for that test, and so will these folks:


This girl.  She loooooves ribs.  The annual RibFest was last weekend and we went Monday night for our fill.  The kids love it and so do we!  Sweet potatoes, lemonade, and roasted corn for the vegetarians.  Everyone’s happy!

this girls loves em

Can you list just a couple things from your week that made it just a tiny bit better?


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