Feelin’ fine

Ah Friday!  Here at Love Nest Design I like to look back at my week and appreciate some of the things that were AWESOME.  It really is a useful exercise in practising mindfulness and prioritizing the thoughts that matter most: the happy ones. With all of the negativity in this world being thrust upon us as ‘news’ or ‘current events’ this is my teeny tiny way of saying; there is still so much good.

Even if my week was far less than perfect, EVEN if I’ve had a week that came crashing down around me, I can always manage to find four or five things that made me truly happy. Every week.  It doesn’t come naturally, and it can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort.

G and R FF

Of course there’s these two little crazies.  They just keep getting funnier and funnier.  Rowan will do anything for a laugh and Gracyn is Rowan’s personal comedian. They will both dance their butts off if music is playing, and car dance parties are a common occurrence.

flowers FF

My hubby brought me these.  Its not a common phenomenon at our house  (although he is amazing in about a million other ways) so when it does happen it is a very happy surprise.  He even picked coral to match the color scheme in the family room…do ya think he knows me or what?

Matt FF

Which brings me to my next happy moment.  This one happens ALL the time and I never forget how lucky I am for having it.  My amazing husband. My perfect partner.  And my maker of COFFEE……

coffee FF

COFFEE.  Presented without further comment…….you all understand it’s power……

Brian FF

And then there’s Brian.  Oh, Brain.  He is not allowed in the pool with us (because he will drown one of us for sure) but he insists on running laps while we swim, and it is FAR too hot for that kind of nonsense.  We decided to get him a pool all his own, and despite the fact that he may think its a giant water dish he can conveniently lay down in, I’m just glad he can cool off a little.

Can you list a few things from your week that made you happy?  Give it a try, its more effective than you think.

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    July 27, 2013 at 4:39 am

    Love your positive attitude!

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