WELL.  I finally gave in to the latest social media craze: Waterlogue.  If you are already an Instagram subscriber you’ve likely had your feed taken over with the Waterlogue love.  It’s hard to avoid testing it out for yourself!





I am very proud to say that I still have my Fiddle Leaf Fig!   Yes, Gerard is still with us.  It has been, oh I don’t know, at least 8 months?  Long enough for me to have killed it 4 or 5 times by now.  But I haven’t!  He is still going strong.






I had to add more desk space in the office.  There are many projects on the go and I just needed more work surface space!  I don’t mind coming up with a new layout either 🙂



new layout



This winter weather is slowly losing its grip, and I know I am not alone in begging for spring to come.  Things are melting and the sun is shining, and I feel just FINE about that!

Happy Weekending, folks!

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