Feelin’ Fine

TOP of the list this week?  I’m still wearing sandals in OCTOBER.  Yep.  And loving it.  I think I’ve only worn socks twice this fall (not including in my gym sneakers).  This warm fall weather long into the season is totally making up for summer not being quite hot enough.

leaves and sandals

This perfect weather makes me actually WANT to enjoy the fall festivities.  I normally do my best to pretend summer is not over and fall is not happening, but this year, I’ve EMBRACED fall.  Yes.  Be PROUD.  SO we ventured out apple picking last weekend, and it was awesome!

FF apples

There will be more on this next week, so if you’re interested stay tuned on Monday for the run down on fall apple picking!

Things are really shifting into high gear here at Love Nest Design.  There are a lot of projects in the works, client and otherwise **wink.  My garage is full of projects ready to go, and my hand is at the ready with a sledgehammer.  Sledgehammers are particularly good at knocking out walls….JUST SAYING.  These are things that make me happy.  Yes. A sledgehammer.

Happy Weekending, folks!

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