feelin’ fine

Well, did we all make it?  It’s Friday of the first week BACK TO SCHOOL!  I hope it was a success for all of you…and by success I mean: if you made it to Friday it was a success!!!


first day of school 2013

My two favorite mini people had an excellent week back at school.  Big girls, grade one!!  I am excited to see what they will learn this year, and how they will like it.  It’s always so interesting watching them develop ideas and opinions.

ikea app

Ikea.  We all love it.  Yes, they do supply those ‘disposable’ dorm room necessities, but Ikea also sells some well designed, durable and highly functional pieces and at the right price.  So, when I came across the Ikea App for iPhone I thought: Oh, yes.  I NEED that. Check it out, its free.

owl measurement

I had been looking for these for AGES…There was ONE box that I had never unpacked after we moved two years ago and I found it this week.  Inside?  My owl measuring cups!!!  Oh West Elm, sometimes I just can’t resist you!  I bought them just before we moved and they were packed with the original packaging still on them.  It’s like a brand new, already owned gift!  I love those…


Have you been to the new Mexican ‘fast food’ joint in town?  Qdoba is located on Wellington Road south and I hear another one is opening at Dundas and Clarke.  A friend of mine introduced me to this place and I am ADDICTED.  Honestly.  I think about it all the time.  The food is AMAZING.  No exaggeration.  From the chewy soft tacos all the way to the table top hot sauce (which is to die for).  Thanks for getting me hooked, friend!  you know who you are…

Happy weekending!!

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