Family room….the saga continues…..

So, there is nothing quite like a slew of descending family members to act as a project motivator!  We had a big family dinner here this past weekend which provided us with just the push we needed to get the DOORS BUILT AND INSTALLED!!!

There is still work to be done, filling, sanding, and more paint touch ups, but what a difference finally finishing off this built in has made in the space.  I’m not sure how its possible but adding the trim and doors has actually made this room feel more spacious.



The fireplace and brick surround still need attention (ie more paint) but I am still on the fence when it comes to picking my navy finish color for the brick.  And that “ground control to major tom” light fixture has got to go, but I’m taking my time hunting down the perfect replacement.  The big question now is hardware….. to knob or not to knob, that is the question.  Again I find myself caught between one extreme and another.  I am drawn to these glitzy, gorgeous beauties from Anthropologie and right now its either these or nothing (touch latch).



Accent fabrics are coming together, but not quite there yet, and after that I’ll move on to art and other wall accents.  I am patiently waiting for a larger area rug for this space and this coffee table.  We’ll get there….eventually!



So, what do you think friends?  Any knob suggestions?



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