Fall Family Fun: Apple Picking

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This fall we were invited along on an apple picking adventure!  And, it kind of was an adventure….  The four of us took some time on a Sunday afternoon to visit our local pick-your-own apple orchard.  We go through a surprising amount of apples in this house, and taking the girls to pick their own was a lot of fun.  We all crave us some crisp Gala’s and we managed to come home with a BIG bag.

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Apple Land Station near Dorchester was the orchard we decided to visit, and it really is fantastic for kids.  There are plenty of trees with plenty of apples.  Each row is labeled by variety, and you can choose which apples you want to fill your bag with.  The quality of the apples was very good as well, and we even got to sample a few varieties before ultimately settling on that family favorite: Gala apples. No surprise there.

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But apples aren’t all they’ve got.  Apple Land also has, pumpkin patches, a giant sand hill for climbing, farm animals, a corn maze AND a train for visitors to ride around the grounds.  We ended up spending an hour or more in the giant corn maze at the back of the orchard.  At the gate they give you a little game to play in the maze, a list of ‘rooms’ that you have to find and check off.  Our girls are 6 now, and they were very much into the challenge!  Mommy gave up after about 30 minutes inside, but the girls were NOT leaving without checking every room off their list.

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We ended the day by riding the train back to the gift shop and bakery, only to find a line for pies and apple crisp.  I guess if you want to take one of their juicy treats home, you better get there early!

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I think it’s safe to say, we’ll be making our way back next year.  It only took a few hours out of the afternoon, we came home with yummy apples, and the kids loved it.  Do you have any fall traditional trips?

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