Drop Zone: Organization for Family Life

Back to school is an exciting time of year, and comes with changes in schedules for all family members. It seems everyone walks in the door and drops everything after a long day. Voila, you can have a bit of a mess on your hands.

Creating a designated area for everyone’s stuff helps keep things in order and the mess under control. This Drop Zone station features areas that help organize and streamline everyone’s, schedules, homework, and lives!

Drop Zone LND sourcing: 1.) floating shelves: jysk 2.) dry erase calendar, wall hung mail sorter, corkboard: staples 3.) wall hung homework storage: ikea 4.) area rug, pouf, basket, pencil holders, waste and recycling bins: homesense


Creating an easy way for kids to organize starts with providing them with a clear space of their own with a spot for each of their things.

One of the features in this Drop Zone area is the homework storage. Kids walk in the door with plenty of books, duotangs, planners, artwork, and notes for parents, and it usually comes out of the backpack and ends up somewhere in the house. These wall hung storage bins from Ikea are actually shoe storage but work amazingly well to hold all the homework that needs to be completed, or reviewed, before being packed up and sent back to school the next day. Let the kids decorate their own with Scotch® Expressions tape or colour code each in their favorite patterns.

Hooks for bags and backpacks, and a basket ready and waiting for overflow helps keeps things off the floor. A small stool or pouf gives the little ones somewhere to sit when taking off their shoes.

Floating shelves provide a place to set children’s artwork, and store markers, pens and pencils. The corkboard can be used to pin an important note, or display more pieces of art.

 For the adults a central dry erase calendar lets all family members view everyone’s schedule, while the picture frame provides another dry erase surface to leave important reminders.

A place to leave your keys, phones, and pocket change is a must. Another key element for keeping the adults organized is a mail sorter complete with garbage and recycle bin so they can immediately sort incoming mail. Use Scotch® Expressions tape to note different mail items in your wall file, or distinguish your trash from recycling with opposite patterns.

Having a place to drop all the items family members walk in the door with is a great way to start off this school year. Create your own Drop Zone with your favourite Scotch® Expressions Tape and let the organization begin!


To get more information on tape application visit the Scotch® Brand Style Blog for the full tutorial. Don’t forget to share your creations using the hashtag #scotchstyle , we want to see what you’ve come up with!

There are so many awesome colours and patterns of Scotch™ Expressions™ Tape to choose from!

Start your collection by visiting your local Staples or Walmart.


this is a sponsored post, the design styling and and opinions are my own. email allison@lovenestdesign.ca for inquiries


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