Minimalism is the preached lifestyle at the moment.  It seems a stubborn stand against consumerism, and I agree.  We seem to have just too much stuff.  We feel weighed down, overloaded and exhausted by it.  So, a lifestyle that adheres to a less is more concept seems like the way to go.  Free yourself from ALL THE THINGS!


The leaders of minimalism follow the most extreme end of the spectrum.  Some with only a suitcase of things to their name, or a home that only contains the necessary items and nothing more. Its a drastic contrast to the average family lifestyle, and joining in on that level takes commitment. These leaders do concede this isn’t for everyone, but the idea behind keeping only that which is needed, remains one of the pillars of the lifestyle.

So, as I segue into talking about buying all the things, where I stand in the debate is somewhere just outside of minimalist. I feel the suffocation of too much stuff daily, but I also think there are things you need to own just because they make you feel good.  Having items around your home that give you a feeling of happiness just by looking at them is a good thing.


After shifting our kitchen storage situation by removing and adding cupboards, I discovered so many things we either had multiples of, or never, and I mean never, EVER used.  It was pretty easy to scale down what we actually needed in that room of the house.  Do I ever strain more than 1 pot of pasta at a time? No. Why do we have 5 strainers??

There are things we have, and need to have, because we use them all the time.  They get used so often they don’t even get put away.  Now, the minimalist lifestyle appeals to me because clutter makes me feel all itchy inside.  I need tidy.  I need clean.  I also need rooms like kitchens to work.  This means the olive oil, pepper grinder and salt is always out.  As is a sugar dish, and coffee mugs.  If they need to be out, my take on the situation is, lets make them beautiful.  If I walk through the kitchen and get a glance of a beautiful sugar dish and it makes me feel pretty happy, well, call Oprah because I’m winning at life. If I walk through and see a regular old dish hanging around because it didn’t get put away, huh, maybe I don’t feel so happy…

These little things, they add up, and they matter.  My goal is to search, for as far and long as I can muster, and find the perfect pieces that will always be hanging out on the counter.


A great place to search for perfect, unique pieces is an artists market. I have been down to the Toronto One of a Kind Show and Sale a few times, but I didn’t think I was going to make it this year!  That was until a friend of mine pointed out they have a late night shopping event on Thursday.  So I hustled my butt down there and was it ever worth it.  I know December is a busy month but if you were at all considering going, I would highly recommend it.  It is open for the rest of the weekend.

I found a few items that were on my list for the kitchen, and a few I need to decide between and pull the trigger.  Who knew deciding on a pepper grinder could be so hard?  These pieces that will sit out are like little slices of art, and finding the perfect one is part of the fun.  The One of a Kind Show has so many stunning options that would also make unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts so I’ve gathered a few of my favorites here, most of which have online shops as well.  I’ll admit, they are pretty much all ceramics!


I’m not going to lie, I have been slowly developing a ceramics fascination for awhile now.  The range of what can be created is amazing and I love the big bulky mugs as much as I love the fragile tiny vases.


This shop out of Quebec creates pieces with such a soft, delicate look, and I love the watercolor.  Visit her shop to find a retail outlet or just have a look at the beautiful things she creates.


This company had such a great booth at the show.  It was difficult not to get a whole collection!  I don’t need any more bowls, but I sure wish I did!  Visit the shop here, or get yourself to the show!  They had more pieces there, and they look even better in person.



This artist creates pieces with really interesting shapes, and this cup, moulded to fit the hand perfectly, stole the show.  Check out her shop to see the rest of her collection.  She also has modern tea cups with the coolest little saucers.


The mini spheres collection this artist had at the show was so pretty.  Little globes for succulents, air plants and lights!  They are so delicate with light pastel colors and the hanging ones were my fav.  Her shop.



I spent a long while at this shop and am regretting not getting a few of the bed vases.  The whole collection is just clean, and gorgeous.  Visit their shop here.



Ok, moving on to other types of vendors!  I did focus on seeing a lot of ceramics at this show but there were jewelry creators, visual artists, textile artists, the list goes on and on.  There still time to get there!  The show runs through the weekend!



This inventor creates beautiful, functional pieces.  Serving pieces, decorative items, and some furniture.  I haven’t seen anything else like the vessels they make, and they are my favorite.  I love the attention that’s been taken to making sure every aspect of the piece works well.  And, of course, the’re lovely to look at.

The concrete based is meant to be chilled or warmed depending on your intention for the liquid inside, and the glass is ‘made for extremes’ so it can handle the temperatures.  I have had these on my wish list for a long time, but this was the first time I got to see them in person.  I want a whole set!  Check out their entire line here.



I was so close to getting a few of these adorable little baskets from Smith Made, but I had already exceeded my maximum purchase so I’ll add these to my wish list. She also sells pillows and little zipper pouches. Her shop.


There really is nothing quite like going to the show and seeing everything for yourself.  The One of a Kind Show and Sale runs every fall and spring, so keep it on your radar if you’re looking for those unique pieces.

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