SO.   You know how I was a little tentative about Pantone’s Color of the Year way back in October ? I had suspiciously announced that the color of the year was ‘Monaco Blue’.  I had seen it floating around the world wide web, but desperately wanted confirmation from the head honcho themselves…. this was not to be found.

It seems that I do stand corrected after all.  A fellow designer alerted me to Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement, the problem was, the color was NOT Monaco Blue.  Minutes later, her spidey sense was right and my inbox bleeped with a new message from Pantone.  The 2013 Color of the Year is……



That’s right, folks.  Emerald.  There it is, ahem, in green and white.   No way to mistake it, Emerald is IT.  This was the confirmation I had been looking for when I read that Monaco Blue was the rumored color, but could not find it.  I knew something was up!

I, myself am partial to blue…….but the Color of the Year is not selected by aesthetic preference alone.  The color’s inherent related emotion is a reflection of how we, as a world, feel about our present and our future.  How we hope to be as we move forward into the new year.

After visiting Pantone’s website and perusing the lovely vignettes, showcasing Emerald in all her complexity, its pretty easy to jump on board.


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This is just a little peek.  Head over to Pantone’s website for the full rundown.  What do you think?  Emerald……

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