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just for fun

Hey, friends! So I decided to enroll in a night class to help me learn how to make better use of my camera.  I am still very much a beginner but thought I would share with you some of the images I have captured.  I am VERY open to helpful suggestions!  I may never be a photographer, but maybe one day I will be able to take some great photos.  I just want to learn so much more! Here is…

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Red Acorn Photography

our girls. For the girls 5th birthday a very good friend of mine gave us the most thoughtful gift;  photographs. With facebook being our most used form of communication these days, photographs are snapped anywhere and everywhere, and of anything and everything.  Along with other programs like Instagram popping up, its seems as though we are speaking to each other through images.  We all know the negative aspects of this phenomenon, but there is a positive side to our flash…

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happy easter all!

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely long weekend!  We held two, count ’em TWO fun filled dinners here this weekend, and a visit from the Easter Bunny this morning.  Dining room construction is now officially over and we enjoyed meals in there all weekend.  Now its time to deck it out!   I am on the prowl for the perfect picture frames so we can finally display some family photos….. BUT I will be posting some completion pictures for you…

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