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After we installed the new foyer closet, we were left with a bit of a….mess. Removing the kitchen pantry to enlarge the foyer closet forced our renovation into the kitchen area (see that post here).  We were FULLY aware this was going to happen and already had a plan in place to do a little kitchen facelift along with the foyer update.  The floor, however, was not initially a part of that plan.  Well, it certainly is now…. The existing…

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Last progress post we left off with a great big hole in the foyer where the closet used to be.  Oh.  I mean a great big hole combined with a smaller hole where the pantry used to be.  SO.  Now what….. Typically at this point we would move any electrical necessary (there was an outlet inside the pantry closet) then frame, drywall, mud, and paint the interior of the closet.  We’d also frame the opening and add the doors; sliding, bi-fold,…

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THE HALL The messiest part of this project is OVER….and it actually ended up not being too bad.  Our decision to skim coat the terrible texture from the walls in the hall and up the stairs has paid off. These pictures do not do the change justice, but I can tell you, its the best change we’ve made in this space so far!! The carpet on the stairs and the railing are going, and the curved details on the stair…

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Does anyone remember THIS POST ?  That was over TWO YEARS ago!  We were just about to start a somewhat major renovation on our main floor when we were sidetracked by work, kids in sports, life. If you’ve been curious, no, the closet area did not magically begin to function for our family and, NO, the children did not learn to pick up their things and file them neatly away making for a beautiful, working entry way.  We just had a (disgusting)…

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A new entry: preparing to knock out some walls

Our next renovation is our front entry.  We need a much more functional space, especially with winter around the corner bringing snowsuits, giant wet boots, and all other cold weather gear.  We won’t be replacing the floor just yet, that will happen when the adjoining kitchen gets gutted, but we will be knocking out some walls!!  Here is the current situation: Although the floors do not meet the ultimate aesthetic for the home, the new floor in this area will…

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