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I thought I’d try my hand at a few table spreads this holiday.  Much like the mantel project, I have a few ideas floating around my head.  The first showcases a more child friendly center piece.  As in a; if someone decided to drop kick it across the room, mommy won’t be in tears, center piece.  Taken from the old and much loved song, this table features many of those favorite holiday things, and who doesn’t love brown paper packages tied up with string?

candles, candle holder, striped glasses {ikea}
I created the center piece by simply wrapping up some boxes destined for the recycling bin with brown paper, then adorned each box with ribbon, string and craft tape.  I had never used craft tape before, but I loved this red striped one and thought it gave the impression of an air mailed package (although I believe they used to have blue on them too).  I am very interested in adding to my ‘washi tape’ collection now!  I wasn’t overly impressed with the craft tape that Michaels sells, as it just wasn’t sticky enough.  That stuff just wouldn’t stay stuck!  I am eager to try another brand, for example the ones that the Freckled Fawn sells.  If theirs sticks better…….oh the possibilites!
napkins, red rimmed bowls {homesense}  red table runner {pier 1}
Red gingham pairs well with gingerbread buttons and eggnog spiked only with a cinnamon stick.  The name stamped napkin rings I created myself…..after a lengthy argument with my printer.  Yes, Pinterest,  you can print directly onto fabric, just don’t expect your printer to go along with you and your crafty endeavor!  After MUCH encouragement I did finally get it to print, but I’m not sure that I would force my printer to do it again.  The napkin rings are printed on canvas material with a font I liked in a nice traditional red.


With a candy cane, some greenery and a few vases filled with last years red ornaments, the dining room is complete with Holiday decoration.  This was an easy and affordable table spread that creates a spirited holiday atmosphere to have a relaxed family meal, kiddies included.
I’m all set to pull out the ‘fine’ china (well, its about as ‘fine’ as you’re gonna get in this house! Thanks Homesense!) and create a ‘White Christmas’ table.  Check back later this week to see how it all turns out!
How are your table spreads or center pieces shaping up this year?

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