Bridal Shower

Alice in Wonderland was the loose theme for the bridal shower that was held here at the house last month.  It was a tea party with a twist!  The decor was meant to be ever so slightly off, Mad Hatter style.  It was a great day, but a bit of a blur and as always, I wish I had captured more photos!

PM table


The main colours for this themed party were gold, pink, black and white, but I definitely didn’t hesitate to throw in some blue and yellow as well.  The tea cups and pots were purposefully mismatched, and the table draping was done in vintage floral prints.  Red heart paper straws represented the Queen of Hearts, and this pattern was repeated in the heart shaped confetti that was hand made and scattered on the tables.


PM Shower 1

The bite sized appetizers were all picked with little flags with the famous “Eat ME”  enticement from Alice’s Adventures.  The tea cups were tied with bakers twine and sweet little tags with the other well known phrase “Drink ME”.

PM shower 3

The chevron picks were made using toothpicks and washi tape.  The tea cups were vintage collected from local thrift stores….and my mothers china cabinet.  I found these leaf patterned gold cups at the thrift, and I just adore them.  I am now on a mission to collect the entire set!  Dinner plates, side plates, bowls, and OH! do I dare hope for the matching TEAPOT!?

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Later this week I will be reviewing a few more products from Party Stock, as I used their mini mason jars for our girls first ‘kids only’ party a few weeks ago!


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