Begin… the beginning

The Rose Chapel.  A sweet little century old building near Lambeth, that has been lovingly restored by the neighbouring Stone Ridge Inn.  I’ve decided this is as good a place as any to tell you how ‘Love Nest Designs’ has come about.

On June, 18th 2011 my hubby and I got married here.  It was a glorious sunny day, and one of the best darn days of my life.

I’m thirty-something so maybe the mama thought it might never happen for me….. She was actually this happy.  All.  Day.  Long.  It was a fabulous day though, I may or may not have been jumping on the giant fluffy bed as well…..

Like any wedding there was lots of prep work and many hours spent hemming and hawing over invitations,  wedding favours,  tuxedos,  SHOES….. but there were a few things that I just knew RIGHT away:

The flowers (had to be peonies)
The dress (first one I tried on) and…..
The Photographer.

A friend from College days, Nikki had to be the one, and let me tell you, did she ever pull some strings to make sure that she was.  Nikki, as you will see, (nikkileighmckean) is truly an amazing photographer, but she is also a superfantasticawesome person.  She has a positive energy that rolls off of her and on to you like a wave cooling the sandy beach.  She is perfectly lovely, and I was SO glad to have her with me on my wedding day, it could not have been anyone else.

Having said that, I told myself I’d only post a few pics…..however I’m having trouble deciding! What the heck, I’ll post a few more and then get on with it….
okay okay, enough already!  There you have it.  We went and got ourselves hitched!  and so began our life together, along with our two beautiful girls.
We were soon busting at the seams in our small old south house.  It was time for more space, and the search for the perfect home began….well, maybe not the perfect home, but we had our eye out for something special that we could make our own.
I had just finished school in Interior Design a year before, and together with my oh so talented husband, I knew the renovation possibilities were endless!  (I’m not sure hubby was aware of my scheming but, man I was excited!!)  We were lucky enough to find our ‘forever house’ (a.k.a  our I am never, ever moving again, house) pretty quickly.  We packed it all up and left the trendy Old South Village, for more space in a mature suburb in the North end of town.
Let the renovations begin!  We have embarked on a journey of undetermined length…..I’m pretty sure by the time we’re finished we will have changed every room in the house…..and hopefully still be in our thirties.  This blog will document the ups and downs, the mistakes and successes, and the blood, sweat (his) and probably tears (mine) of building our love nest.  And so, ‘ love nest design ‘ was born.  Keep checking back to see whats new!  The paint is still drying on the first major renovation: the dining room!

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