With the shower tile all but completed in the bathroom we have moved on to paint and flooring! As I had mentioned here, part of the push to do a full bathroom renovation was the fact that we already owned flooring that could work.  We decided to use the vinyl tiles we had leftover from the kitchen and entry floors.


After the tile installation was finished (we still need to caulk) I got the walls painted out before the flooring was installed.  Big surprise, I didn’t choose a bold color. Because there will be some other details going on in the space I really wanted to keep the walls light and bright so those details will take center stage. We used the Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa paint.  I sincerely love this product.  We used it in the kitchen and the durability is so impressive.

Our dishwasher, which is unfortunately placed right next to the wall, produces a lot of spills and sprays which frequently cover that wall.  I am constantly scrubbing the marks away, and the paint is holding up fabulously, even in the matte finish!  So of course we were confident to use it again in the bathroom.

The color for the walls is Benjamin Moore Distant Grey.  It’s really a white with only the slightest hint of grey.  We replaced the trim with a more simple version and painted it the same as the trim throughout the rest of the house; Benjamin Moore Snowfall White in a semi-gloss finish.  You can see the slight difference in paint color, between the wall and trim, in the image above.


Then the flooring went in.  As I spoke about when installing in the kitchen/foyer, they are really easy to install, are very durable and look pretty good.  Its a click product that is a ‘float’ installation.  This means it isn’t nailed or glued down.  Each tile locks into the surrounding tiles and creates a secure install once the baseboard goes back in.  The bathroom is small compared to the kitchen and foyer so it took no time getting it installed.  Then the trim went in.


Throughout this entire process so far I had been focusing my attention on finding the perfect vanity.  Mid-century modern style, the right depth to hold a sink, and the right width to fit the existing nook.  Well, THANK YOU KIJIJI, I found it.  Someone in my area had a vintage dresser that fit the space within an inch!  Here it is:

The three drawer style is perfect, because it allows us to set our single sink right in the middle.  I was hoping for doors to either side for storage but I mean common, it fits the nook perfectly!  I don’t think I will find anything better suited.  I’m also now curious to see how I can utilize drawers for organizing all our bathroom stuff, but that will be a much later post.

Now we have to adjust this piece to accept the sink and plumbing, plus we’ll need a solid surface top.  Next week I’ll show you how we adapted this dresser to make it function as a vanity, its easier than you’d think.  Rebel, Rebel.

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